Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Bright Orange & Other Beads and Earrings Too!

Okay back to the old style blog post - pictures AND details.  I have wanted to try making some bright orange beads with touches of purple.  These are my 3 experiments and I am most happy with the first one I'm showing here.  The second bead is nice too and the 3rd one --- well, it just wouldn't come off the mandrel so as I was mutilating it, I chipped it quite a bit. It wasn't my favorite of the bunch but it sure is ugly now!  Let me know your likes and dislikes on these new orange and purple beads if you like. 
Base is 791957 Orange Punch with EDP applied and raked.
Side 2 of 1st bead.

 2nd Bead:
Base of 591424 Red Carrot Special with EDP dotted and raked.
Side 2 of second bead.
 This is the bead that is stuck on the mandrel and chipped up.  But it's still useful to me in my notes for color choices - or maybe what not to pick in this case as I'm not sure if I even like the base color for this application.
CIM Lipstick Unique 511140-3 with EDP stringer left raised.
I have a customer who requested a large cosmic swirl bead with a large hole.  So I made a couple for her to choose from.  They have different base blacks which creates a different affect with the silver foil and the first one is encased and the second one I did not encase and I left the swirls raised to show a bit of texture which I really like on this style bead.
CIM Tuxedo base, silver foil, dots of ivory, CDC, periwinkle, CIM blue, transparent glass: pulsar, CIM purple, teal lt., lt, emerald green. All clear encased.
Different side of cosmic swirl #1.
Base is Effetre black, foil, ivory, lt. turq., periwinkle, teal, pulsar, purple, green swirled and left raised. 
Cosmic swirl 2 - different view.
These next beads all have twisties made of OY and EDP and are made on either a base of CG or Lt. Turquoise.

And now for a few pair of earrings.  They are all light transparent glass of various color with different types of silvered glass swirled on top that have been reduced to a fun shiny finish. 

Last up today is a bracelet that I made in honor of my long time family friend, "The Turquoise Lady."
I had a pair of matching earrings (long dangle style similar to the first set pictured in the earrings) but they sold before I got a photo taken. 
I'm caught up now with my bead photos but I do have more beads and jewelry to make so I will be sharing some more photos soon!

Christmas tree is up (thanks to my wonderful daughter) and all the rest of the holiday decor too!  Just a few more things on my to do list and I'll be back at the torch - seems like I've been away too many days in a row.  The weather is turning cold and we are supposed to get our first snow tonight.  Another good reason to warm up by the torch and kiln.

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