"There is just something about hot flowing glass that is captivating that gives me a very serene feeling while working with it.  The look and feel of a finished piece is also very satisfying.  I also enjoy listening and watching people react to a bead or finished piece."  

-Chris Sanderson

Chris Sanderson was born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio. She spent much of her childhood traveling with her parents and taking photographs with a Kodak Instamatic camera. Her interest in photography led to a degree in visual communications from Bowling Green State University and a career as a medical photographer and retinal angiographer. When Chris and her husband started their family, Chris put her career on hold to raise their daughter.

On a trip to Florida two years ago, Chris learned to make simple pieces of jewelry with beads purchased from a craft store. When she returned home, she enrolled in classes at The Toledo Museum of Art to learn to make her own glass beads. She also began to incorporate wire in many designs and took additional classes at the museum and local bead stores. Chris became captivated by hot, flowing glass and found serenity while working at the torch. She converted a den into a lampwork studio and continued to design and handcraft jewelry featuring her glass beads. Chris enjoys making organic looking glass beads inspired by color combinations she sees in nature, especially the beaches of Florida.  Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and one of a kind. Finished pieces may be made from fine sterling silver or base metals and even whimsical, colored craft wire. Chris started making this type of jewelry for friends and family and now it's turning into something bigger.  She looks forward to seeing where this journey takes her.

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