Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New CIM Colors!

Santa was very good to me this year and brought me all kinds of great glass including the newest CIM Colors!  I got to play with a few of the CIM colors and I like what I see so far! 

This first bead is a base of CIM Maraschino http://www.creationismessy.com/color.aspx?id=109 with DH Triton Scrolls.  Maraschino is a beautiful shade of red and silvered glass looks very pretty with it!
CIM Maraschino with DH Triton.
When I saw the rod color of the Maraschino http://www.creationismessy.com/color.aspx?id=109, I had a feeling it would work well with the DH Clio formula that creates those pretty pink beads and sure enough it worked.  This is just a small test bead and I was very pleased with what I got - can't wait to try it on the larger beads now!!!

This next bead is CIM Valentine http://www.creationismessy.com/color.aspx?id=112 with DH Triton Scrolls.  Valentine is a deeper shade of red than Maraschino and here again, I think it works great with shiny silvered glass!
Side 1 CIM Valentine with DH Triton.
Side 2 - CIM Valentine with DH Triton.

I tried a few different applications using CIM Purple Haze http://www.creationismessy.com/color.aspx?id=115.  It is a pretty shade of light (I would call it pale) purple/lavender.  And let me tell you, it is hard to get a good photograph showing the true color when used alone or over a white base.  Here are a couple photos of the assorted beads I made using the Purple Haze.

1. The first bead is CIM Purple Haze encased with CIM clear and a few black dots melted in on top. 
2. The second bead I had to change up a bit after I started making it.  I had to change my plan because the CIM Hades base ate up the Effetre white dots instead of letting them spread out on the surface of the bead (good notes for future use depending on what type of bead I'm making!) So this second bead has CIM Evil Queen dots on top of the white and then I left raised dots of Purple Haze on top of everything. 
3. The third bead has Effetre black for a base, white dots with some CIM Evil Queen on top then I put some Rubino Oro on the center dots only then capped all the dots with some CIM Purple Haze.  I wanted to see how the Purple Haze worked over the RO.  I used to use Crocus - 3 on top of RO for a beautiful deep, hot purple/pink.  The Purple Haze over the RO has a nice effect but it's not the same as the discontinued Crocus - 3 (which I so wish CIM would bring back!!!!!)
4. The fourth bead is just Effetre white encased with CIM Purple Haze with a second encasement of CIM clear.  Honestly I just could not capture the true color in any of the photos I took of this bead.  It's a very pretty palest of pale purple.
5.  The fifth bead has a base of CIM Evil Queen, encased with CIM Purple Haze with a second encasement of CIM clear and has raised dots of CIM Evil Queen.

Here are a few close up's of the individual beads and some capture the true colors a bit better this way.

This is the last bead of the day.  I only had time to make one bead with this new color.  It's CIM Cotton Candy http://www.creationismessy.com/color.aspx?id=116.  Here I've made a white base, encased it with CIM Cotton Candy and encased it a second time with CIM clear and left raised scrolls of the CIM Cotton Candy.  Now don't make fun of my background but this bubble wrap seemed to do the trick so I could capture the truest color of this glass.  I will have to go back and try the bubble wrap with some of those other very pale colors.

I really like this color and think I will be using it in my breast cancer awareness beads/jewelry!

I can't wait to try all the rest of the CIM colors along with all the other beautiful glass that Santa brought me!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes to you all for a safe and happy New Year!!!!
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