Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some New Beads For The Second Challenge in SE9

More shiny beads for the silvered glass challenge.  This month it's dots and stringers with use of silvered glass.  You all know I LOVE dots so I was happy to make some for this challenge.  And the good thing is, I need a big push to work on my stringer control too but as you will notice I did not make any stringer beads.  I'll try next time I'm at the torch.

I'll start off with one of my favorite style beads to make.  I call these Crown Beads.
Black base, white dots covered with pulsar, raised dots of triton - struck to a shiny finish.
Zebra bead with a dot of psyche - reduced and capped with clear.
Black base rolled in foil, dots of psyche capped with clear.
These dots look different depending on the lighting and background colors - cool effects for sure!
Green mini-crown bead is made with a black base, white dots covered with lt. emerald green on center dots.  Raised dots are reduced gaia.

You will need to excuse all the multiple photos of this bead.  It looks different from every angle and I couldn't decide which ones to delete. All sides have different combinations of dot layering so take a close look.
Black base, opal yellow, lt. and dk. turquoise and french blue dots topped off with triton.
This bead is actually one I want to ask the silvered glass artists questions about.
It's capped triton but the colors didn't do what I expected them to do under the clear bubble.
Black base, french blue dots topped with opal yellow and finished with raised reduced dots of triton.
Black base, opal yellow, french blue, lt. turquoise dots finished off with reduced triton.
Black base, opal yellow, french blue, lt. turq dots topped with reduced triton.
Coral special base with dots of opal yellow, triton, opal yellow, and raised triton.  All reduced. 
I hate it when silvered glass fumes the white glass in a bead like this.  I was hoping it would fume all the white and then I would like it but - - - live and learn.
Black and white masked bead with reduced triton.
This is one of my personal favorites of the day.  Black base, opal yellow dots with smaller raised french blue dots and finished with reduced triton center raised dots.
This is another favorite of mine.  This is a good example of all the white fuming. 
Black base, white dots covered with pulsar and triton - reduced.
Black base with a mix in dot layering of opal yellow, french blue, lt. and dk. turquoise with triton left raised and reduced on top of it all.
Black base with dots of bubblegum pink, lt. silvered plum topped with aurae.  The aurae fumed the pink too much for my liking.
Wow talk about a lot of photos in a post!  I'm still not finished.  I have a customer who made a special request for dog bones and paw prints.  I'm not very good at sculptural beads so each bone took me about 30 minutes.  I'm sure I could make them faster if I worked at sculptural beads more often.  She has not seen them yet so I don't know if she likes them.  I just sent her an e-mail with the photos today.  Let me know if you like them or if you have suggestions - I'm open to all the help I can get from the sculptural artists out there!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this Thursday!!!
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