Friday, February 3, 2012

More Disc Beads & A Super Long Failure Just For Fun!

Yep I'm addicted to making these that is for sure.  They are the perfect combination of my love of patterns and intricate dot placement!
The best thing about this post is that it is mostly eye candy and very little of me jib jabbin' about the glass, etc.  Most of these have different designs on either side.  The ring (or leaf or driftwood shot) shows side 1 and the pendant shows side 2.  Sometime the colors are different too!
Side 1 - Aqua (Sold at the time this was posted)
Side 2 - Teal
Side 1 - Red

Side 2 - Red
Side 1 - Black and White Scallop
Side 2 - Black and White Scallop
Side 1 - very pale purple (hard to get true color in photo)
Side 1 again
Side 2 - very pale purple.
Side 1 - Fuchsia Pink
Side 1 again - Fuchsia Pink
Side 2 - Fuchsia Pink
Side 1 - Fuchsia Pink 2
Side 1 - Fuchsia Pink 2 again
Side 2 - Fuchsia Pink 2 (only no fuchsia on this side)
Amber and Sky Blue - side 1
Amber and Sky Blue - side 2 (no real difference here)
Sky Blue and Amber - side 1
Sky Blue and Amber - side 2 (no real difference here)
Black and White - Side 1 SOLD
Another Black and White
Same as one above only on pendant - same side.
Aqua Blue - side 1 - SOLD
Aqua Blue - side 1 again
I just have to say this is one of my favorites of the bunch and I'm also happy to say that the sale of this bead to my new friend, Annette, gave me my first international sale!  Woo hoo!!!  I got to figure out the special customs slip and everything. 
Aqua Blue - side 2
 Many of these discs and other discs, beads and jewelry have been added to my artfire account.  If you are interested in purchasing something, here is a link to my site:  I have many more items available that I have not listed yet so if you are looking for something and don't find it on my artfire, please ask me!!

And just to complete my blogging records I'll add another silly bead I was making for part of a bead challenge I'm participating in on line through lampworketc.  The challenge included making something outside of your comfort zone and one option included super long beads.  I started off with a pretty cool bead and had big plans in mind but a huge bubble popped up from the mandrel with all the bead release coming to the surface with it.  So in order to save my mandrel, I didn't close the hole but finished the bead up as best I could knowing I would not be entering it in the challenge.  Here it is:
Side w/out showing the hole
See the hole at the top?
It kind of looks like Jimmy's flute from HR Puffin' stuff to me.  I didn't get it all melted in flat as I had hoped and there is some pretty metallic glass in there too but you can't even see it.  I still think it's unique and a good reminder of my first failed attempt at a super long bead.  I'll be able to look back some day and see how far I've come right?

I didn't get to torch today but I did get caught up here and it's now the weekend so maybe I'll get some time to make something new in the next couple of days.  I have jewelry orders to fill and I'll be blogging about those items too as soon as I get them done.  So much to do and never enough time in a day. 

Thanks for stopping in twice in one day to read my blog!!!  Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Hearts - Tis The Season!

I have so many things to get caught up on but I will try and keep it as short as possible so I can get back to the torch today as well as get some of these new things posted on my artfire account.

I'll start with hearts.  I am finally getting to a point where I can say, "I can make hearts" instead of calling myself heart challenged when it comes to making glass beads in that shape.  I had a ton of fun making these which also is something new for me.  Usually I would get frustrated because they never looked like I wanted them to and I had a hard time making the glass go where I wanted it.  I now understand what my first bead instructor, Robin, was trying to tell me - it just clicked this time!!!
Side 1

Side 2
This bead is 2 1/4" long and is made with effetre black and white and the red is CIM Sangre

The next heart was inspired by a bead a saw in the Feb. 2012 issue of Soda Lime Times.  Many artists were featured in that issue, but I believe the artist who made the bead that inspired me is, Vickie Miller.
Side 1

Side 2
 This heart is made with CIM Hades and one of their new colors, that I absolutely love, Maraschino

I loved making the longer ones and decided to try a shorter, plumper heart.
Effetre black and white.
The next bead is my least favorite of the bunch - decoration wise, but I'm still happy with the overall shape of the heart.
Side 1
Side 2
The twist is made from CIM Hades and CIM Maraschino.

The last of my hearts for the day:
Side 1

Side 2
I used CIM Celadon - 2, CIM Gelly's Sty The Celadon has a very swirly look and got a little red/brown in a few spots where I must have had a bit of a reduction flame hitting it.  This time I tried to get a little swish to the bead shape.  I was hoping for more swish action but it's a start.

That is it for the heart beads, and I'll be back with more of the disc beads I made to fit the Staxx brand system.  Which I recently found out, that Staxx has gone out of business.  My hope is they were bought out by someone and the system will be seen again some day under a different name.  Until then, if you are a Staxx lover, buy up what you can find at your local gift stores and I do have a few pieces in my stash for my customers too!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!

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