Monday, August 11, 2014

Great New CIM Color - Honey Mustard

The longer you work CIM 511306 Honey Mustard the prettier it can get.  This first photo shows a nice progression of a wonderful coral-pink blooming.  The bottom of the bead is a great representation of un-struck Honey Mustard, the center shows it starting to strike and the top is obviously struck the most.  Love that top color!
I love the different colors you can get from striking this glass.
The bead caps show a nice variation of the colors you can get from striking. The top cap has just a start of some striations.
Honey Mustard is used on the end caps, of this second bead, as well as the golden yellow you see in the base of the floral design.  I can't remember for sure what my base bead color was but I believe it was an effetre red brown.  I liked the way the Honey Mustard played with the base color.

I have made several more beads using CIM 511306 Honey Mustard and have gotten beautiful coral-pinks to warmer mustard shades.  Sometimes you can get some great striations that look similar to the sunset or desert sand. I am a big fan of this new color!