Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Colorful Zebras

So here is the rest of what I have made.  Most of these were made to coordinate with the bracelets on the prior post.  I had a problem with a couple of the photos - the purple necklace and the Aqua and Metal Squiggle earrings need to be photographed again.  But you will get the idea.

Bright Blue Zebra Earrings

Sea Green Zebra Earrings

Purple Zebra Earrings

Aqua & Metal Squiggle Earrings
Purple Zebra Necklace

Purple Zebra Necklace - close up

Purple Zebra Necklace - detail

Colorful Zebras

Now that I finally have my computer back I can blog about my recent jewelry creations.  These are the bracelets I've been working on that will go in a local salon next Monday. I have coordinating earrings for many of these bracelets and will post those soon. 
Red Zebra Single Viking Bracelet

Blue Zebra Single Viking Bracelet

Bright Blue Zebra Single Viking Bracelet

Sea Green Zebra Single Viking Bracelet

Purple Zebra Double Viking Bracelet
Purple & Blue Single Viking Bracelet
Aqua & Metal Double Viking Bracelet  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Few New Zebra's & More

I'm trying my Zebra style beads with various colors.  Some colors worked better than others so these test beads will serve me well.


Blue Streaky Sapphire 791970

Med Blue 591054

Light Teal VF791026

Leaky Pen


Dk Purple (aka Violet Dk) 591039

Dk Lavender Blue 

Ink Blue - batch 1

Ink Blue - batch 2
I am not happy with any of the photographs showing the deeper purple colors.  I made an entire set of the Ink Blue beads because I already had an order for a bracelet using this particular color.  I assure you this Ink Blue looks really nice and just didn't show well in the photos.  The Dark Purple test bead set of 3 beads could also be used with the Ink Blue as there really is no noticeable difference.  The crocus looks really nice for those who like lavender.  I like all the deep blues of course.  Let me know your favorites.

A friend/customer picked some of my favorite beads to be made into an eyeglass chain. 

Even though I am still working on pressing lentils I think this necklace that a friend/customer put together turned out very nice.  And who wouldn't want this young lady's beautiful skin as a backdrop for their jewelry?  Oh to have 20 something skin again....

Now for my recent challenge.  I have to say that I have struggled with this project from the very beginning.  It started with making the blue beads and then, trying to create the bracelet the customer wanted, was another creative frustration.  I just can't get happy about this one.  My customer saw one of my experiments with colored wire and liked it and asked me to make something similar for his teenage daughter.  Now this is supposed to be a fun and colorful bracelet and maybe that is just very different from my usual style and hopefully he will like one of these regardless of how I'm feeling about it.  I ended up making 4 different bracelets because none of them gave me much of that happy, fun, satisfied feeling I usually get when I finish a piece of jewelry.  So here they are and you won't hurt my feelings if you say you don't like them.  I'm open to suggestions for improvements too from any of you wonderfully creative followers of my blog!!!!

Option 1 (view 1)

Option 1 (view 2)

Option 2 (view 1)

Option 2 (view 2)

Option 3

Option 4 (view 1)

Option 4 (view 2)
Options 2 and 4 are bangle styles which is similar to the prototype and this is not a style I am used to making.  In option 3 I just sort of tried to forget about the request except for use of specific color options and went with what I felt like making and that didn't make me a happy camper either.  So who knows if any of these hit the mark for my customer. 

Well that was a long post but I had a lot of catching up to do.  The weekend is starting early for us and the weather is looking wonderful.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!