Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rays, Elephants, & Rainbows

A friend is in town visiting so we took a trip to the Toledo Zoo to see the Baby Elephant.  While we were there I was taking in all the different colors on animals and plants getting lots of inspiration for bead colors and patterns.  Can you guess what type of animal inspired these first beads?
These are all on a base of black with different applications of ivory and SIS.  I was fascinated by the animal that was the inspiration for these - they were very soothing to watch:
I love the dots on these rays, ... and the way they move, well you just have to watch this video:

I recently made some more rainbow beads for another jewelry project I'm working on for a customer.  It takes a long time to make these so it's slow going.  These are all from one session and I made some more today but I am going to take a break from making them as I'm getting a little burned out with them.  It takes about 20 min. per full color rainbow bead!!!  I need enough for a bracelet, necklace and earrings so I'll probably need one or two more torch sessions before I can start on the actual jewelry.

I like this rainbow type focal bead and may integrate it with one of the jewelry pieces if the customer likes the idea.  Oh Linda, let me know what you think so far!!! 

So all that is left is Elephants right?  Well I do not have any beads to go with elephants but I'll show you some pictures of the cute little baby elephant:

He sure was fun to watch!

I have some jewelry that I will share soon too!  Thanks for reading my blog!
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