Friday, September 16, 2011

More Squirrel Jewelry & Some Pink Ones Too

No, not pink squirrels - those of you who know the story behind the Industrial Squirrel will understand the title of this post.  If you don't understand, well you can go on a hunt through my blog to find out if you want. :-)

These two pair of earrings are for a customer.  She hasn't seen them yet but I know she reads this blog so I guess she is going to see them now!  Hope you like them Linda.

 Here are two different views - the beads have a lot of nice swirls on all sides.

The top bead in each earring is CIM Cranberry Pink over clear and the bottom beads are the cranberry over a base of white and decorated with white stringer.  I love the color I get when I use it over a base of clear or when I make a small bead of the cranberry alone.
 Yes, I am still experimenting with backgrounds and lighting so if you are getting overloaded by my multiple shots of the same item, I apologize.  I do like to know what you think looks nice too so feel free to comment on my backgrounds as well as my beads and jewelry!
I will wait and see what Linda thinks about these and if she is not happy with them, for any reason, I will list them on my Artfire account.  I think I hit the mark with what she wanted but ya never know for sure.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!  Thanks for stopping in to read my blog!
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