Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall is Starting to Influence My Jewelry Making.

It's that time of year when I want to start wearing sweaters and warm colored jewelry.  You all who know me, know that I am a warm sun and beach girl but I do like a bit of fall weather too - just don't want it to go into winter is all. 

Several of these pieces are already sold but I plan to make more soon.  I'm trying to build up my inventory for two events coming up this fall. 
 This is a new bangle style I'm working on.  This particular bracelet turned out a bit too large so I will re-size it.  I am pretty happy with this look.

 One of my standard viking bracelets done with the fall colors.

And a more traditional style bracelet - this one is sold:

Matching necklace - is also sold:

 Matching earrings - sold:
Most of the beads in these pieces are made with Vetrofond Odd colors.  I love the earthy tones and colors I can get out of them especially by striking them to different colors within the batch.  Of course there is some CIM in these too.  Commando of course, some Mermaid, Army Men and a little olive - what would a finished piece of mine be with out a little Messy Color?

I also made a bunch of focal beads and here is a sneak preview:
Boy were these fun to make - I was up till 11 p.m. and didn't want to stop.  Can't wait to make more of these.  They are those pattern beads that I just love to make!!!!
I've taken most of the photos I need of these beads but am still in the editing process - one of my favorite things to do - NOT - because I'd rather be making more beads instead!  But as soon as I get them all done they will be posted here and then to my artfire account.

I've been asked several times recently where I sell my jewelry and beads, or where to follow me so here is all the information and I'll try and remember to use it as a signature for each blog post now.
Contact me:
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Finished Jewelry sold on site at: SALVATORE CAPELLI SALON 114 W. South Boundary Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 - In the Country Charm Shoppes.
Just for fun: Facebook: Glass Lampwork beads and Jewelry by Chris Sanderson 

Thanks for stopping by and reading about what I love to do!!!  Have a great day! 

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