Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Second Day With My New Kiln!!!

My mother in law saw the cosmic storm beads I made and wanted a few for her Pandora Style bracelet so I got to make some more of these fun beads!!  As before these are hard beads to photograph and in addition I was under some time issues with the daylight coming to and end so I took the photos while they were still on the mandrels.  Sorry for the not so pretty pictures.  They really do not do the beads justice. 
I'm not going to list the glass used on each bead but I tend to like the ones used with aqua and green bases best.  The ones in the middle are much prettier than they show here and are made with either carnelian bases or rose quartz or pink champagne bases or encasement. 

Here are a few close ups:
That's it.  Check back soon for the kiln disaster day post.

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