Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Beads - New Jewelry!

Well I've had a couple productive days filling orders!  I made beads yesterday and already turned them into finished pieces today. 

First up is a bracelet that I'm just loving!  I posted awhile back about the decisions my customer had to make about the style and while waiting for her reply I went ahead and put it together hoping she will like my design.  If not, I'll adjust or remake it.  So this one may end up for sale on artfire - unless I keep it for myself ;-)  The black viking weave does not show well in the photograph but it looks so nice with the pink and black of the beads.

I made these blue frit beads yesterday to fill this order.  I hadn't made these in a while so I ran a test and I actually like my new formula a bit better.  I made a bunch of these beads using Val Cox Winter Blues frit and bases of Lt. Turquoise and Blue Sky Lt.  They look so similar that the base simply does not matter with this particular frit mix so I can use which ever I have the most of next time.  I also made a few beads using the same bases but used DH Triton frit (not shown) and there is nothing special to them so I might as well use the less expensive Winter Blues frit for these.  All the beads are encased in clear.  My customer actually wanted a smaller clasp so the final piece is slightly different but I like the size and style of this clasp too.

I actually made these black and white beads a long time ago at various times.  I've been getting ready to make this necklace for a friend of mine whose birthday is coming up.  She had asked about a simple black and white necklace so I hope this is what she had in mind.  Guess I'll find out soon!

Most of these beads were made yesterday but a few of them I made a while ago.  They are simply black, white, light and dark turquoise.
This shows the full necklace.  I believe this is sold but if not, it will be for sale on my artfire site as soon as I know for sure.

I got the replacement coil for my kiln today!!!!  Now I will see if I can install it myself or if I have to wait till Tom is here to do it.  It looks pretty complicated.   I also got a shipment of glass and the Tonbo Dama -Japanese Glass Bead book (I've been wanting for a very long time and had patiently been waiting for it to go on sale) from Frantz today!!!!  It was a good Fed-Ex day!  Tomorrow I may try some of the new glass but if the weather is beautiful I may have to take a day off and head to the beach to relax and read my book.

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