Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hooked Up The Old Kiln!!!

Alright I admit it, I'm a lampwork addict.  I had good intentions of making more jewelry yesterday but I really really felt like making beads.  Good news is my new kiln will be fixed but, the bad news is, not for another week so I got the old kiln out and hooked it up yesterday.  It was a cool day and it was perfect - so perfect that I made 42 beads!!!!

A friend/customer of mine asked me to make some "leopard print" beads.  So this is my first go at it.  Actually I had a lot of fun even though I didn't really "get" the proper bead made for this.  I think the last bead is the closest but the background is a bit too dark.  I may have solved that issue but those beads are in the kiln now so I won't know for sure until tomorrow.  I tried different things and in no particular order here is the glass I used in the above beads: Butter Pecan, Brown Lt. Prem. #591018, Ivory, Root Beer, Black,  and a stringer made with ivory and 791448 Dark Brown Special.

These beads really are this vibrant!  I used Pulsar, Freman, Oz, White, and Clear.  I think I will make some more of these in the near future! 

Three different views to try and show as many sides as possible.  While I like these beads they are not exactly what I was trying to make.  But it's a start and now I'll try again and I think I know what I need to change.

This is Vetrofond 791985 - Moss Agate Odd Pastel.  The bead on the left is just a bead of the actual glass and I tried hard to swirl the inner green layer out to the top but it just looks black.  The second bead I swirled it over ivory and the green did come out a bit here.  Now this has some potential. 

These are very hard to photograph to show the true pink color in these.  It's a nice soft pink - like old fashioned bubblegum and it shows more blue in the photo than it is.  I used 591260-BP Pink Bubblegum Lt. as a base, SIS, all encased in clear.  These are really pretty in person!

While I had the pink out I ran a test.  The first bead is the pink bubblegum lt, encased with Rose Quartz 511907-2 and I love the way this bead looks.  Again, these are all a bit on the blue/purple side in the photo and are a much nicer pink in person.  The second bead has the same base but it's encased with Lt. Pink Transparent (I think it's effetre) and the last two are the same as the first and second but the bases are just plain white.  I much prefer the first two bead colors - in person that is.

Okay another, "while I had the pink out" experiment is up next.  The first three beads are a base of the Pink Bubblegum and over that is a twist I had from another day - it's RO and White.  I think these beads look like peppermint candy or peppermint ice cream.  These are also showing a bit on the blue side.  The two smaller beads are the same base and just a stringer of RO wrapped around and melted in.  I made a few black spacer beads to clean up my work space - no waste here!  And that final ugly bead is a waste of glass in my opinion.  I was using up a black and white twisty and thought it would look good on the bubblegum base and a little RO on the sides - NOT!  Oh well, can't make great beads every time right?

Now if you were counting the beads I posted in the photos you have noticed there are not 42 shown.  The 3 beads I didn't show were super ugly and they were a mystery glass I was just trying to figure out what it was, what it does in the flame, etc.   They looked like cement no matter what I did with them so I left them out of the blog.  I'll probably try the glass with some silvered frit and see if I can get any type of reaction and if no luck there I will turn them into punties. 

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