Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Beads Using My New Kiln - before it died yesterday

Yep that's right, I did get to make two batches of beads in my new kiln before it died yesterday.  This batch of beads I made on request for a friend who wants a few jewelry pieces made for her.
These beads are all made with black, white, and Rubino Oro.  Some have some clear and the darker pink ones have a little lt. transparent purple on top.
The third bead in this set is an example of using the lt. trans. purple with the RO.

I also tried a few beads that I saw on Corina's site.  Thought I would give them a whirl and experiment with a few color combinations of my own. 
The first one is my favorite and is made with Corina's formula.  The rest of the beads I used either a white or ivory base, RO and violet or black for the stripes.  The second bead has an encasement of crocus instead of clear and is much too dark to see the nice stripes. 

So it was a short day at the torch and I really loved my new kiln.  I'll be making the top set of beads into jewelry soon.

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