Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dirty Martini Mix

I heard such wonderful things about this glass, Dirty Martini, so I had to get some to try it out.  I don't think I'm getting the same results as more experienced bead artists but here is what I ended up with after a quick day at the torch - didn't have my usual free day so I think I only got in about an hour and a half of actual bead making.
The first one is a base of DM with dots of Leaky Pen, poked, and capped in clear.  I had heard this combo of colors works magic but not really for me - yet - I'll keep trying!
The second bead has a black base, dots of DM and capped in light emerald.  I wanted to see if this would help the emerald pop a bit compared to putting it over white.  I do think it helped it a bit. 
Third bead is a bummer - maybe it would have been more interesting if I'd left the stringer raised.  It's a base of DM encased in clear and LP squiggles melted in.
The fourth bead is a base of DM with dots of LP and just the back and forth dot thing.
The fifth bead is base of DM, dots of white and those are covered with LP, then raised dots of DM.
The sixth bead is is a base of DM, dots of LP and Simply Berry, encased in clear.  Now I do like this combo!
Seventh bead is the same base of DM and this time I used Great Bludini-1.  I think I may like this combo better than LP.
The eighth and ninth beads I just did random dots of transparents but the ninth bead has white before the transparents. 
And last but not least I had to make one of the beads I seem to need to make one of every time I am at the torch.  It's a black base, white dots with LP over them capped in clear then black raised dots.

Here are a few close ups of transparent test beads for my future reference:

The transparents used in these beads are: LP, aqua, crocus, GB-1, simply berry, lt. emerald.

And this is the comparison of the lt. emerald over white vs. DM.  The bead on the left is from my last entry.  I think the DM helps bring out the emerald a bit.

So that is it for my quick day at the torch but I hear my kiln is up to temp so I'm going to get to it again right now!!!!  Funny how I can be in FL and not be bummed out b/c the weather is cruddy and I can't go to the beach.  I think I'm a torch/glass addict now instead of a beach bum.  Oh well.....

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