Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blues for Sally and a Few Other Things

Well today was an interesting day.  I did two sessions but I don't have that many beads to show for my time.  Funny how interruptions can just mess with your creativity one day and another day they don't phase it.  Guess what today was? 

Sally, these are the beads I tried using the color combos you and I have been talking about.  Let me know if I am getting close to what you had in mind. 
First bead is a base of clear, covered with GB-1, dots of white covered with LP and then a little back and forth action between the colors. 
Second bead has a base of Lt. Turquoise (I could swear this is Lt. Sky Blue though so maybe I messed up something in my notes during one of my interruptions,) then dots of GB-1, white and LP, poked and capped in clear.
The Third and Fourth beads have the same glass in them, just different finishing applications.  I really like the 4th bead!!!  The base is my "mystery blue" which I am almost certain is CIM French.  The twisty is made from Lt. Turquoise, GB-1, and LP.  The beads are made with the technique I talked about in my last post.  The sides are made with clear and Lt. Aqua-038.  3rd bead is poked and capped with clear.
The last bead has a base of "mystery blue" and the twisty used in this bead is Copper Green and Lt. Turquoise.  Side dots made with 038 and are poked and capped with clear.

Sally, I lined up all the beads from our experiments in this color range so you could see them all together.  The one on the far left is a new bead and it is 791058 over a base of clear.  I hadn't planned on this being part of the test but when I saw it today it just fit in with the rest of the pack.  The last 5 beads are from a prior post.

 I had to show a few different angles to these two beads since there are so many pretty things on each side.  These are my personal favorites of the day because they were unexpected.  I love when that happens!!!!

Here is another bead that I liked.  It has a base of Opal Yellow and the twisty is made from Lt. Turquoise and Copper Green.  One side has clear dots and the other has Lt. Aqua-038:

One more bead made in this fashion:
Base of 791038 Lt. Turquoise, twisty of CG and Lt. Turquoise, side dots done with 038 then encased in clear.

During the second session I just wanted to make something that was easy and enjoyable without any thinking.  These are so fun to make because the possibilities are endless and I start with no plan and just wing it.  These are all made with Black, Lt. and Dk. Turquoise, and Ivory. The center one is a little wonky but I still had to include it in the photo.

This was a fun bead to make.  It's a little variation of the animal print bead:
Base of black, wrapped in a Black and White twisty from end to end - melted flat, then I ran two lines each of Lt. and Med. Topaz from end to end in an offset pattern then melted all in.

One more bead worth looking at:
This bead is made with Orange Dreamsicle 791807, Blue Dk. Intense 791058, Psyche frit, and clear.  I had a certain idea in my head that I was hoping to create with this combo but I was disappointed.  I also was shocked at how "shocky" the Dreamsicle rod was.  I think I lost half the rod just trying to get it started.  This is a color that absolutely needs pre-heating or pre-annealing. 

And just for my bead log so I have record of what not to do:
Michael Barley style beads need Silver Leaf, NOT Silver Foil.  I tried a couple beads using the first technique on page 13 of Spotlight on Silver Vol. 2 which uses Rubino Oro, and Silver Leaf (I used foil) and they did not come out at all.  Even my sister would not like these - LOL.  So lesson learned, get some silver leaf and don't make any more "Barley Beads" till I get some.
Okay, okay I'll post a photo to ease your curiosity:

I'll be taking a little break from the torch.  I am trying to get my business cards made and also figure out where I want to start selling some of my work.  I have a few options but I want to check them all out of course before I decide.  And then my website really needs some attention.  Maybe I can get my daughter to help me a bit on that one - or maybe find a 5 year old who is more techno savvy than I'll ever be.

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