Sunday, December 5, 2010

Testing new Purples!

Yesterday I made 17 beads using what I thought would be all purples - as you can see "Razzleberry" was pink, not purple.

I'm trying out two different purples here.  Let me know which set you like best.  The next photo of these beads may show the right set a little more true to the color of the purple in them.
Color Info:
3 on the left all have a base of Evil Queen.  3 on the right all have a base of Thai Orchid.
The first bead in each set is encased with clear and has dots of light Turquoise.
The second bead in each set is encased with lavender Pale Transparent 791080.
The third bead in each set is encased with Orion 591724.
Can't really tell a difference between the encasement layers on any of these beads so might as well use clear all the time.
Same sets in bright sunlight, showing a more true color on the right set.  The smaller bead on the far right is just a test I did to see what Orion would look like over a base of white.  It has a purple blue cast to it but barely noticeable.  I decorated this bead w/ large dots of Thai Orchid and small dots of Evil Queen.
Bead on left: Thai Orchid base w/ lt. and dk. turquoise and white decoration.  The bead on the right is a base of lt. turquoise, lg. dots of TO covered w/ dk. turquoise, and small raised dots of EQ.

These are the "Razzleberry" beads I thought would be more purple - ooops.  I took photos in bright sunlight so I could see more detail.  Razzleberry tends to bubble/cook easily even when working in a cooler flame as noticed in the covered white dot on the first bead.  I think I can find some good applications for this color though.
Color Info:
First bead is a base of white, encased in Razzleberry, dots of white covered w/ Razzleberry.
Second bead is just pure Razzleberry.
Third bead is a base of clear, encased in Razzleberry - not much difference from the second one.
The last one is a base of clear, dots of white covered w/ Razzleberry.
Just playing around w/ both EQ and TO bases and dots along w/ ivory, white, lt. and dk. turquoises. 

On this last bead I wanted to see the two purples side by side and their interaction w/ SIS.  The lighter side of the bead is EQ and the darker side is TO.  I think I could get some nice effects w/ either combo.

That is it for now, it's a beautiful day in FL so I'm headed to the beach instead of the torch today.  It is supposed to be cooler most of this week so I think I'll get plenty of torch time in the next few days and will test out the rest of my new colors!!!

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