Friday, December 10, 2010

Going Commando!

I LOVE this color and the glass itself just feels like silk in my hand.  It's CIM 511475 and I hope they never discontinue this color.

These are my current favorite beads!  Simple with just three colors of glass: commando, light ivory and black.

These show them in more detail. 

I just got a creation station for an early Christmas present from my wonderful hubby and it has helped steady my hand for more intricate dot placement - photos below show the side detail that is now so much easier with this new tool!!!!

I also tried a few beads with Coral La Mesa 591420-LM using this same sort of simple application.  I kind of like them.

And last but not least I tried another new CIM color, Sherwood 511492 and I like them with the light ivory but didn't really care for them with the turquoise.

That is it for my color testing for a few days.  My goal is to get some jewelry made so I'll be away from my torch a few days - at least I'm going to try and stay away for a few days ;-)