Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Copper Green, Pheonix, Coral Sunburst, Coral La Mesa & Commando

I've been wanting to try Red Copper Green for a while now but have to say it wasn't really anything special - at least not for my skill level.  Maybe with time I'll figure out if there are any tricks to using this color. 

First bead is a base of Copper Green Red Premium Opaque 591219-R with light ivory dots.  Second bead is encased in clear and this one turned out pretty nice and I can see some potential for future beads using this application.  The third bead has a base of light ivory with the dots of CGR capped with clear.  The 4th bead has a base of Pheonix and the 5th bead has a base of Coral Sunburst - neither of these thrilled me with the CGR.  The last two beads I added Ocelot Spots frit and then encased and the CGR seems to bring out some nice colors/reactions in the frit.

 Instead of using turquoise I decided to try dark Blue Sky 791228.  The first bead has ivory and CIM Phoenix 511277 which sunk into the blue quite a bit.  The second bead has Coral Sunburst 591420-SB and this glass stands up against the blue a bit better for edge definition.  The third bead is just ivory and the dark sky blue and the 4th has white dots instead of ivory and the white is clearly defined.  The fifth bead has a base of ivory and dots of Coral La Mesa 591420-LM and both light and dark turquoise.  Beads six and seven have Coral La Mesa bases.  Six has light and dark turquoise and seven has black dots and both of these beads turned out really nice.  The last two beads are Coral La Mesa and Ocelot Spot frit w/ clear encasement and especially the last bead turned out nice.

 CIM Commando 511475with a variety of applications. 
This fun bead was made with commando base, ocelot spots frit, silvered ivory stringer and black.

Well that's it for today.  Next blog entry will be all about going commando because I love this glass!!!

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