Monday, October 17, 2011

All Caught Up!!! Finally!

After this post I'll be all caught up - I think, I hope!!!! It may be another long one but here goes....

This is a focal bead I made to fit my Burgard Pendants.  I think it's pretty.  It has a black base, rolled in silver foil, dots of white that have been covered with aqua and teal and finished with raised black dots.

I am still working on making "CIM only beads."  I am really excited about the cosmic swirl beads I made with all CIM glass.  I sold one or two of them at my recent open house!!!!
The first two are CIM Only beads.  The 3rd one has a base of effetre.
The first and second cosmic storm beads are made with CIM glass only.  The one on the far left has a base of CIM Tuxedo rolled in silver foil - burnished and burned off, dots of CIM Stone Ground left partially raised, dotted that with CIM Zachary - melted in a bit but all is still left raised so I could apply CIM Simply Berry to one side of the stack and CIM Great Bluedini to the other side of the stack of dots.  Then I melted all flat, swirled randomly wherever it looked appropriate, then melted back to a round shape and encased with CIM Clear  This was my first time to use CIM clear and I really liked it!  It went on smooth with great coverage and no problems with boiling or scumming. 
The second bead in this photo I like even better.  The formula of colors is a bit different but the application is the same.  I'm calling this recipe, "CIM Cosmic Swirl Formula 2:" Tuxedo base rolled in silver foil - burnished and burned off, dots of CIM Canyon De Chelly left partially raised, dotted that with CIM Glacier - melted in a bit but still left raised so I could apply CIMSimply Berry to one side of the stack and CIM Pulsar to the other side then finished the same as in the first formula.
The last bead in this group is the exact same as number 2 but has a base of Effetre Black.  It is interesting to me that the Tuxedo seems to swallow more of the transparent glass and push the silver to the surface than the Effetre Regular Black does.  The Tuxedo creates more sparkle milky way swirls and I like it a lot!!!

Remember that bead that cracked?  Well I had to test that formula again to make sure it wasn't the combination of glass.  The first bead here is that exact same formula: CIM Hades base rolled in silver foil - burnished and burned off, CIM Peace dots - melted flat and CIM Caribbean on top of that and melted in.  I forgot to top it off with a raised black dot but I doubt that is going to make it crack.  So good news --- it didn't crack this time!!! 
Second bead here is the same application but I used CIM Tuxedo for a base - notice the reaction isn't as great and the white dots get a little dirty.  I like the Hades better for this effect.
Last bead in this set is the same as the first bead but I used CIM Twilight instead of Caribbean and I don't really care for that combination here.

Hades rolled in Raku Jitterbug Frit

This bead has a base of CIM Hades and I applied a Raku Zebra Twisty and capped those with CIM Clear.  The twisty was made with Raku frit and Effetre Intense Black.  I think I prefer the base to be made of Effetre Regular Black when I make this style of bead.
CIM Peace base with CIM Tuxedo for large black dots and Effetre Black for small center dots.
I love CIM glass but I really don't like to use the CIM black and white glass for my masked pattern beads.  The bead above and the following bead (two photos) show that I can't get that nice crisp line I like with this style of bead. 
Tuxedo, Peace and Pulsar
Tuxedo, Peace and Pulsar
These 3 beads all have DH Aurae silvered glass over the following bases; Vetrofond Topaz light, Effetre Rose Quatz and CIM Mojito.  Pretty little beads - I like the shine!
Base of Mojito with poked Aurae dots covered with Aether clear - way cool bead!!!!!
Lt. Ivory, a bit of Commando, twist of CDC/Raku/Intense Black - struck a bit.

Effetre Black base, CDC stringer applied in Raku Zebra Recipe, reg. clear.
To clarify a few things about the last two beads - I made a twisty using a blob of CDC, smashed in some Raku frit, applied some black intense stringer and pulled it all out into a twisty.  The last bead has this twisty applied in place of the regular Raku Zebra twisty but the rest of the bead uses the same recipe.  The second to the last bead just has this CDC Twisty applied randomly.  I like the CDC twisty for a nice change.

Okay well I did it, I'm all caught up until I get back at the torch.
Thanks so much for sticking with me and wading through all the boring stats just to see the pretty beads. 
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