Monday, July 4, 2011

Rings and Things

Seems like forever since I've been on here so I have quite a few things to put up.  I have two styles of rings that I made beads for.  First up are the ones that use the thin disc and are adjustable.  I have just two of the rings left for purchase.  Those of you who already have the ring, I have many more discs that I want to make.  I enjoyed making these on request for a friend and it got me to thinking of a bunch of new designs I want to make - hopefully later this week.  If ya'll have any special color combination requests please let me know.  Here are the 6 discs I made using black, white and fuchsia glass.
Bead on the left is sold!

 And these next two discs are made with rose quartz, gelly's sty, white and black glass.
Bead on the right is sold!
Next up are the bead discs that fit the Staxx Brand ring - which you can buy at many boutiques that sell Troll and Pandora style jewelry.

I'm keeping this one!

Now for the rest of the beads I have been making.  Some of these I made before I went to Puerto Rico and some after.  These are my first attempt at Rainbow beads and I have to say they were very fun to make.  They take a while but I love to do the precision dot placement and that is what these beads are all about.

 These next beads are an experiment with silver foil and/or DH Kalypso.
 1. Base of clear, wrapped in silver foil, burnished, not burned off, encased in kalypso, reduced, clear encased.
2. Same as first bead only with a base of leaky pen.
3. Base of sangre, patches of silver foil randomly applied and slightly burned off in spots in order to pick up other patches of foil.  Wispy trails of kalypso all melted in, shaped, reduced, clear encased.
4.  Same as bead number 3 but with leaky pen base.
5.  Same as bead number 3 but with a clear base.
6.  Same as bead number 3 but with veiled RO base.
7. Same as bead number 3 but with a pale green base and pale aqua encasement.
8. My favorite bead of the batch!  Same as 3 but with a pulsar base and used a very heavy reduction.
9. My second favorite bead of this batch! Base of black, patches of silver foil, dots of kalypso all melted in, shaped, reduced fairly heavily, clear encased.  Reminds me of fire opal - love it!
10.  Same as bead number 9 but with a base of rose quartz.  Has a very opal look to it.
 This next set of beads are a variation of a bead I did a while back - think it was called moon rock?  I loved the streaky organic look to these.  The blue used here is CIM pulsar - a favorite of mine, along with use of silver foil over ivory.
Moon Rock Beads

I just realized I have some more beads that I made that I forgot to photograph.  I'll post those in my next blog post. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July Holiday!  This has been one of the most enjoyable 4th's I can remember in a long while.  Thanks to all our great friends that made for one great day after another this weekend!!!!!

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