Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ring Addiction

I can't seem to stop making these right now.  They are so much fun to make and so much fun to wear!  Many of these discs are now for sale at Salvatore Capelli Salon located at 114 W. South Boundary in Perrysburg, OH.  And of course the are available from yours truly.  These are the disc beads that fit the Staxx Brand rings and now I see they also have a cool pendant that my discs will fit on!!!! I may have to get one of those and try it out for you all.  If you are in the Perrysburg, OH area you can get the Staxx Brand items (ring, pendant and toppers) at a local boutique at Levis Commons called Fiddle Styx and I am fairly certain you can get the base items from the Staxx website.  I wear mine every day and change the disc to match my mood and attire - so much fun!!!!
This one is mine - to go with my favorite commando necklace.

Wheel - Commando Green, Black & White

Wheel - Commando Green, Black & White

Square - Blue & White

Bullseye - Aqua & White

Bullseye - Black & White

Bullseye - Red, Black & White

Bullseye - Multi Colored Tilesque

Sunburst - Multi Colored

Funky - Multi Colored

Window - Green, Aqua & Black

Window - Green, Aqua & Black (side view)

Wheel - Purple & Black

Wheel - Pink, White & Black

Wheel - Purple, White & Black

Bullseye - Green, White & Black

Bullseye - Blue & Green

Window - Deep Aqua, White & Black

Window - Deep Aqua, White & Black (front view)

Window - Deep Aqua & Black

Fleur-de-lis -White & Blue

Almost the entire lot of the newly made discs.

Sunburst - Multi Colored

Sunburst - Multi Colored
Nope I'm not done yet - I have some jewelry to post too.  Most of these are commissioned pieces but a few of the earring pairs will soon be up on my artfire site or at the Salon. 
Deb's Bracelet

Deb's Bracelet

Deb's Bracelet

Amy R's earrings - I loved the way these turned out!

Deb's Earrings - unless she likes another pair better.

I have been wanting to make buttons with the button mandrels I got last winter but I just couldn't get motivated until I got back into making the ring discs so here are my first buttons.
The black and yellow pair on the far right are for a friend of mine who makes stuffed monsters.  She uses buttons for eyes so of course it was the perfect excuse to make some funky looking, funky colored buttons.  Can't wait to see what she makes with these.  The other 6 buttons I took up to the local Yarn store, Yarn Cravin, to see if they might like them.  They are going to see what their customers think of them.  The owner of Yarn Cravin is one of my former bosses - from the days when I used to work at her local gift shop, Tastefully Yours - sure do miss that place and all the great people I met over the years there - customers and employees alike.  Remember those Crazy Beanie Baby years?  It was hot when I worked there and boy was that a LOT of fun!!!!

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weekend!!!!!  As always, thanks for reading my bead blog!

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