Monday, July 4, 2011

Beads I forgot to photograph for my last post....

This should be short and sweet compared to the last post.
Ribbon Tab Beads - I had read about these somewhere and gave them a try using my own ideas and they came out completely different than what I thought I was trying to make - if that makes any sense, and I kind of like them.  They are a great way to use up scraps laying around on my work space and quite fun!

These are experiments with DH Aurae and Ekho.  I always seem to experiment with silvered glass but never make a complete set so I'm going to make that a goal for the next time I use that type of glass.
1. Base of aurae with strings of ekho wrapped around, encased.
2. Base of canyon de chili, small dots of sangre melted flat, then larger aurae dots placed in an offset pattern to the sangre so it's covering some sangre and some cdc.  Melt flat, reduce and cap all aurae in clear, melt flat and reduce a final time.
3. Same as bead number 2 but using an offset triangle design.
4. Base of cdc, trails of sangre melted in, trails of aurae melted in and reduced, trails of a very thin clear stringer and reduced again, encased in clear.
5. Same as bead number 2 but with a base of copper green.
6. Same application using cdc base but in a long tube bead.  It is interesting that I could not get the same colors to come up on the long bead - hmmmm...  It is more colorful in the photo than in person.
7. Just to make sure I could still get good colors I made one last round bead using the same glass and application.  So it's the long bead shape that seemed to caused the difference for me.

One last batch of silvered glass test beads (which are very hard to photograph so the vibrancy of these beads just does not show well here at all - bummer):
1. Twisty of sangre and aurae over CIM peace - reduced.
2. Same as 1 but encased and boy does this look way cooler!
3. Same as 2 but without reduction and it's just sort of flat in color but it is a very cool bead that is a bear to photograph.  It's a waste of silvered glass here so I think I could use a different glass here to get the same effect.
4. Peace base, sangre/aurae twistie wrapped and melted in.  Small random tiny dots of clear melted in, reduced then large dots of clear in a triangle pattern melted flat with one more reduction.  This is a wayyyyy coool bead in person!
5. Pulsar base, dots of sangre that are covered in aurae, reduced and coated with clear.  Raised dots of reduced aurae.  I think this would be prettier on a lighter blue base as the pulsar is just a tad too dark.
6. Peace base, s/a twisty wrapped and random dots of lt. aqua, reduced and clear encased.  I prefer aurae reduced so I would skip the lt. aqua or any type of transparent glass application before reduction.
7. Elphaba base, s/a twist, reduced, encased in clear.
8. Sangre base, aurae stinger melted flat, reduced, encased.
9. Sangre base, aurae dots in triangle pattern, reduced.  Once side covered in clear and the other side with pale aqua (couldn't see a difference in the final bead.) Reduced raised dots of aurae.  Love the blues and yellows that are in this bead!!
10. Ivory base, dots of sangre in center, aurae on outer sides, all melted flat. Aurae dots on top of the sangre - melt but not flat, reduce all.  Poke holes in center dots, reduce again, cap holes with clear and cap outside dots with clear also.  Melt a bit but not flat.
11.  Now this is my favorite bead of the day and I have not been able to repeat it since.  It looks like dragon scales and the colors are many and the bead looks wonderfully organic.  It's also stuck on my mandrel for all eternity - haven't had that happen in quite a while.
Base is copper green, small dots of sangre melted flat, then larger aurae dots placed in an offset pattern to the sangre so it's covering some sangre and some cdc.  Melt flat, reduce and cap all aurae in clear, melt flat and reduce a final time.
12. Canyon de Chili base with same application as number 11 but used psyche instead of aurae.
13. This bead is way too dark.  I had read tat ELO makes a nice base for silvered glass.  I tried it here with psyche and I didn't have a good result with it.

Okay so this is not turning out to be short and sweet but I'm down to the last 2 photos so we are almost finished.  I guess this is what I get for going on vacation and not keeping up with my posts but it gives us lots to look at right?
The large set of beads on the bottom of the photo are a set a customer picked for me to make into a viking weave bracelet.  The beads on top are the recent earring pair options I made for her to pick from.  Wonder which ones she will want? 

The last group of beads to post!!!!!
I made a few red white and blue beads in honor of the 4th of July.  I had some glass laying around in the right colors so I just had a little fun.  The next 3 beads are also from scrap twisties.  A customer liked this style of bead recently so they were fresh on my mind so I made a few.  The last beads are extras from the blue earring pair session. 

Okay so that is it for a while!!!!  This week I have bead and jewelry orders to fill so I will be busy, busy, busy or better said, happy, happy, happy!!!!  Thanks for taking the time to read two long posts today!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!!

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