Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tribal and Etching Fun!

I didn't get as many beads made over the weekend as I had planned but I did get a batch of tribal beads made for a piece I am working on.  These are always fun.

I made more of the "Industrial Squirrel" beads on a few different bases to see if I could create any major color variations but the Ocelot Spots/Ivory stringer seems to dominate whatever I put it on.  This batch I decided to etch and I am really liking these etched just as much as the non-etched.

The etched beads look like petrified wood - way cool!!!!!

I also made some more sea-glass beads but did not photograph those.  They are already sold!!!  And the Industrial Squirrel bracelet is also spoken for and not by me, although I may make another one of those for myself!  I have jewelry orders to fill this week along with some more bead requests to finish up -- my kind of week!

1 comment:

  1. The etched look is really neat-makes the beads look very natural. :)