Friday, April 29, 2011

Industrial Squirrel and Other Finished Jewelry.

This bracelet was going to be called Industrial Swirl but somehow the translation was misunderstood and it became Industrial Squirrel and that was just too much fun to pass up and also a name that won't be easily forgotten. 

As you can tell by the multiple photos that I really like this bracelet.  I changed up my swirly clasp for a triangle one to match the industrial looking "Devo - Whip It" cones that cap the ends of the viking.  The color of the viking wire is a new color I picked up about a week ago.  I've used copper, brown and other dark colors but I hadn't seen this exact color before. It is very earthy and goes nicely with organic beads.

Here is the finished Green Zebra bracelet and coordinating earrings and necklace.  I hope I hit the mark as to what my customer wanted but if not, these will be up for sale on my artfire site.  I had zero direct conversations with the actual customer and no exact measurements so this should be interesting. 

I also wanted to show a finished piece that a friend of mine made with my beads.  She has been making this type of jewelry for about 6 months now and I think this bracelet is great!  She took a nice variety of my beads, added some charms and other glass beads all in colors that look very nice together.  The placement of all components give it a very balanced feel.  She will be selling her finished jewelry on her own artfire site soon!  Way to go Sue G!
Bracelet by Sue G.
I have a list of beads I hope to make over the weekend so I can't wait to get back at the torch!  Happy weekend to everyone!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for the photo. You do such nice work. I love the fluid feel of the swirl/squirrel beads.