Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day of Jewelry Making and Rain Rain Rain

Our weather here in Northwest Ohio is still gray and it has rained so much that ... well I hate to even say it, I heard someone around here was building an ark.  The weather has certainly affected my creativity and I feel like my time at the torch is just a waste of glass and time.  On the upside I did have a good day making some jewelry! 
 These are all handcrafted out of sterling silver wire, sterling plated pewter bead caps, swarovski crystals and of course two of my lampwork beads from a tribal set I made recently.  I had a lot of fun creating the wires.  I have gotten away from wire work which is actually my favorite when making jewelry but thanks to a nice friendly push from my friend Sue G. I created something more fun than my standard earring. 

 This is the first Tribal Necklace I made.  I tried getting away from the necklace style I typically make and while I still like my standard necklace, I think this one turned out quite nice.
Here is another photo of the same necklace.  I've been experimenting with backgrounds and lighting and white balance in hopes of getting my photos to look nicer for my artfire account.

Tribal Necklace number 2:

 Okay I know I went overboard posting pictures here but I'm just testing out some more of my backgrounds.  If you care to share your likes and dislikes I'm glad to hear them!

Remember my first hallow beads?  I like to make something for me to wear out of all my "firsts" so here is a necklace I made using my favorite bead from my first set of hallows.  This was probably the 4th or 5th bead I made that day so technically it's not my very first hallow but more like my first good hallow.

I made a bracelet with the etched beads similar to the famous, "Industrial Squirrel" and changed the color of the viking weave.

Again, a bunch of photos of the same piece I know but just skim by the ones you don't like.

I can't remember if I put a photo of this necklace up already or not, but it also will be up for sale on my artfire site soon.

 Since I've been complaining about the weather I thought I would include a few photos from our area for your viewing pleasure.

The Maumee River is creeping closer and closer to the road.  We actually thought this section might already be closed when we drove by.  If this rain doesn't stop it probably will be soon.

On a good closing note, the sky is lighting up a bit now and I see the sun trying to come out from time to time so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a sunny holiday weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday with family and friends - wherever you are and whatever weather you have!!!!!

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