Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stormy Beads & Lots More

These are my first attempts at making beads using the Storming Technique.  I purchased this tutorial a while back but am just now getting around to playing with it.   I won't be specific about how this technique works but I will list the glass I used as that will not give away any storming secrets. This is a tutorial well worth it if you are a glass bead maker.  Here is a link to Amy Kinsch's tutorial, Taking Reduction Glass by Storm http://beeswaxrubberstamps.com/lampworkbeads.htm.  I highly recommend it as it was easy and fun and I can't wait to see all the other applications I can use with this technique.

Pacific Lotus, Dark Ivory, Triton, OR Storm, Super Clear
Hades, Dark Ivory, Hades, OR Storm, Super Clear

Effetre Black, Dark Ivory, Triton, OR Storm, Aether Clear, Triton Ends.
Effetre Black, Dark Ivory, Triton, OR Storm, Aether Clear, Triton Ends.
Crap clear base, (wraps of Elektra, Clockwork, Ekho, Aqua & Terranova 2,) Dark Ivory, Gaia, Davinci T, Aurae, Boreas, Helios, OR Storm, Aether clear.

Pacific Lotus, Dark Ivory, Red T, Orange T, OR Storm, Super Clear.

Effetre Black, Pacific Lotus, Dark Ivory, Ttiton, OR Storm, Aether Clear.
Effetre Black, Pacific Lotus, Dark Ivory, Elektra, OR Storm, Aether Clear.
Pacific Lotus, Dark Ivory, Triton, Helios Storm, Super Clear
Pacific Lotus, Dark Ivory, Triton, Helios Storm, Aether Clear
Effetre Black, Dark Ivory, Hades, Pacific Lotus, Helios Storm, Aether Clear
Crap clear base, (wraps of Pacific Lotus, Effetre Black, Elektra, Boreas, Ekho,) Dark Ivory, Pacific Lotus, Triton, Elektra, Boreas, Ekho, Helios Storm on half, OR Storm on other half, Super clear.
My personal favorite of the above stormed beads is the 7th one down.  I must also note that the 9th bead has a lovely shade of purple that I just could not get to show well in the photograph.  The Aether clear is what made that happen!!!

I had a request for zebra and Tiger print beads and the customer suggested she would like to see how a bead would look with both prints in one bead.  My personal favorite is the zebra bead with the red end caps.  I also made these zebra beads in a different way and I am really liking the way they turned out!

This last group is all hollow beads.  I am on a hollow kick right now!!!  I have really been enjoying them.  I do have a puffy mandrel but these are all made the old fashioned way on a standard mandrel - no puffing here!!!
Oxalis & Aqua
Oxalis & Ink Blue
Oxalis & Grass Green Light
Oxalis & Purple of some sort - had laying on my work space
Oxalis & Blue Lavendar (yep, it's just the fuming that makes it this beautiful gold color)
Oxalis & Ink Blue.
Boreas & Med. Grass Green.
Boreas & Cobalt Blue.
That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  I hope to do a better job of keeping up on my blog now that I'm back in my northern studio.  

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