Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Catching Up With Beads From January

Will I ever be caught up on my blog?!?!?!?  I seem to find things that I thought I had posted and then figure out that I missed a few.  So here are some that I just found.

These first beads are all experiments with frit.  I don't seem to be the best frit bead maker but I do like some of the results.
I found some photos of some pendants that I'm pretty sure I haven't shared on my blog yet.
These next two photographs are of handmade scarf pins and rings.  I hire another jewelry maker, Donna Zalar, to make these.  We pick out some of my lampwork beads together that we feel with make nice rings/pins and then Donna makes whatever style of wire creation she thinks will fit each bead.
We make rings in both sterling silver and base metal.  These are sized and not adjustable.
I have more photos ready to edit and get posted on my blog in the near future!  I hate saying that I"ll be back soon because it always seems like I never get that ("soon") accomplished.

Thanks for reading my blog! 

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