Saturday, August 27, 2011

Burgard Bail Pendant Works Great With My Beads!

This is a new bead I made with DH Clio and I am in total love!  This puppy is mine!!!  It's that magical combination of Transparent Orange with DH Clio formula that I have been reading about and working on each time I sit down at the torch.  Just can't keep from making a few of these each time because I am so happy when I open the kiln the next morning and see the beautiful glowing pink beads.

I am showing all the bead in this post on the Sterling Silver Interchangeable Bail Pendant P15 from Burgard Studio.  They work great with lampwork beads and they have other products that I think other lampworkers would enjoy checking out.

I sold 4 of these Pendants with my beads this weekend!  Here is what comes with one set:
Comes with a set of 3 rods 1 1/4", 1 3/4",2 1/4" fits 3/32 hole.
Just add your bead and maybe a few finishing beads and bead caps for decoration (in other photos).

Put the little c clasp on to make sure it doesn't slide off then put it on your favorite chain.
Here are a few more of my beads on this pendant system:

It's fun to mix and match the lampwork beads and finishing beads and you always have something to go with whatever you are wearing.

Absolutely beautiful weather here so I am not going to be at the torch today - going for a scooter ride I think.  Hope you all area having a great weekend!  Thanks for reading my blog!!!