Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Quick Beads

I have a friend who has survived breast cancer and in preparation for the Race for the Cure she asked me to make some pink beads.  Not sure what we are going to make these into yet but these were the simple beads I made for the event.  Have lots more to make though - once she lets me know if she likes these.

I wanted to try some gray glass w/ some pink and green.  So these are my experiments from that idea.  I kind of like them.
Okay the bead on the far left doesn't have any pink or green but it's a mix of black and several different grays.  I made this one chunky and swirly too.  The next photo shows it a little better.  I think these might make a nice necklace if I made a bunch of them - I like the odd shape.   Hard to tell in this photo but it ended up with 3 sides like a triangle.  It has a silvered plum base which created the shine.

Since I had such fun with the DH silvered glass the other day I tried to recreate some of the effects.  I didn't get the same results that is for sure.
1. Base of Clockwork and Kalypso without any clear in between them and it's encased in reg. clear.
2. Same as the first one but with Striking Orange for the base.
3. Same but with a Bludini base.
4.  A mess if I do say so myself.  Not even worth writing about what I did.
5. This one I like quite a bit.  Clockwork base, clear encased, Kalypso dots that are reduced and capped with regular clear and I left raised dots of Kalypso  that were also reduced.

A couple close ups of these and that is it for blogging today.  I have the entire day planned tomorrow - going to be at the torch from the moment I get dressed till it's time to go to bed.  At least that's the plan.

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