Friday, August 19, 2011

Beads, Beads & More Beads!

I've been busy but have not kept up with my photos and blogging.  So this will probably be another long one - just warning you....

These were fun to make.  I am showing the front and back of each of these three beads.  It's a combination of practicing use of my lentil press and that center swirl technique - not sure what it is really called.  But I needed to practice both techniques along with encasement and flame polishing.

 This second bead you can see a bit of fuming from the silvered ivory stringer.

I wanted to work on my long slender beads and test/compare two reds.  The glass used in the following beads are combinations of any of the following:  791428 Red Light Special, 51128-1 Sangra Unique, Lt. Ivory, 591285 Sandstone, Copper Green, Pacific Lotus, DH Triton.

I'm getting frustrated with my photography lately.  I can't get the correct colors and brightness to show the beads and their true colors.  The reds just look black no matter what I do. 

I made some more "Boro Effect" beads a couple days ago. I like using silvered glass better now that I have learned how to use it.  But these are always fun to make and people seem to like them.

And lastly I made pink beads for my friend's Breast Cancer Walking Team, who are all going to get "Change A Bead" Necklaces.

I guess that wasn't too long after all.  I've been lucky to have 3 out of the last 4 days at the torch and I have to say my hands and wrists need a break.  I'm taking the weekend off to enjoy friends and family.  Happy Friday to Everyone!!!  Have a fun and safe weekend!!!!

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