Saturday, February 12, 2011

A lot of catching up to do

I made some beads and then I had a guest for a week (which I had to take time off to play and have fun in the sun!!!) and then I made some more beads but now I have to see if I can remember what I did when I made all those beads from a few weeks ago.  Here are all the beads I made on Jan. 29, 2011:

First up are my results from trying to duplicate a color I read about on one of the bead forums.  I've been trying to produce that pink/orange color for a while and this is another recipe:
 I took photos inside and outside to try and capture the translucent quality of the beads.
They remind me of life-saver candies.  Anyway, from left to right: 1. Transparent orange base rolled in Sparkle Silver White Satin Pixi Dust. 2. Same but had a core of white. 3. Same as one but I used Clockwork instead of Trans. orange and it would not strike to orange for some reason - maybe the pixi dust? 4. Same as three but with a white core - this time it did strike - hmmmm...   This one is actually the closest to the color I was trying to achieve.  5. Decided to try some other colors that might look pretty with the sparkly of the pixi dust so this one has a white core, encased in rose quartz, rolled in same pixi dust.  The pixi dust doesn't really show well over the rose quartz.  6.  Here I changed the pixi dust to Glitter Diamond White and made the same bead as I did in the very first bead in this set.  The ones made with this pixi dust look like gum drops or some sugared candy.  7.  Same as the third bead. 8.  Same as the fifth bead.  9.  White core, encased with Crocus, rolled in Glitter Diamond White Pixi Dust - and this is a really nice bead.  I will make more of these for my purple lovers!

I was experimenting with a new type of rose made from a frit stringer.  These are not very good but just keeping them in my log of applications.  Please ignore the ugly beads!  I made a few spacers on the far right for other projects.

Continuing on my adventure to make nice frit beads - gives me fits really - frit fits!  This one didn't turn out too bad.
I used a base of Vetro pink, coiled with a ring of clear that I rolled in Tutti Fruiti Frit, melted it down gently so it would spread evenly and then to add some of my window bead practice I added the side curtain effect.  This is probably the first frit bead that I have actually been happy with.

These are more frit beads that are okay - but for them to look really nice they need to be in full sun otherwise they just look like pink beads.  My notes on these are poor but the frit I used was Gold Pink and I think the core was made with Whisper and sometimes a little core of white before the Whisper.  Not a big deal because I don't think I will be making these beads again.

And lastly I made a bunch of beads using Black, French Blue, white and a Dark Transparent Blue I had laying around on my work space so I am not exactly sure which one it is:

I'll be trying to get caught up with more blogging soon.  I made some nice organic earring pairs and worked with my new silvered glass.  So check back soon if you want to see those.

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