Friday, February 18, 2011

Cosmic Storm, Nebula, hmmmmm help me think of a name for these.

This was just a totally fun day at the torch.  It's the first time I tried the "Boro effect" and while I do think using certain silvered glass may be easier than this method, it sure was fun!  And it didn't require a lot of thinking to get the right mix to work.  I'm sure I could improve with some more experimentation though as I've seen some very beautiful beads created this way.  Here are all the beads I made today and I'll get into detail along with some close ups below.

All stringer used in these beads is made with Val Cox Dark Iris Gold #1 on 591018 lt. brown transparent.  The fist 5 beads are made with a stringer without a lot of mashing, heating and re-applying the frit and steps before pulling.  The second stringer which starts with bead 8 has a lot of frit heavily worked into the glass before pulling.
1. Base of 591026 teal lt. encased with 591031-M emerald green pale, stinger, encased with clear.
2. Base of 591536 carnelian, stringer, encased with 591080 lavender pale.
3. Same as 3 but with a clear encasement.
4. Base of carnelian, encased with pale lavender, stringer, clear encased.
5. Base of 591058 ink blue, stringer, clear encased. It collapsed on me but I wish it was an implosion.
6. This one I did a little differently.  I started with a wheel of ink blue melted into a narrow bead, then I put a wheel of lt. brown transparent on that and kept it in wheel shape and rolled the wheel in the iris gold frit - I used quite a bit. I melted it all down and the encased in clear.
7. Base of 591076 transparent striking red and done the same as in the 6th bead.
8. Base of transparent striking red but done with the stinger method.  This bead has the second stringer I made for this project which had a lot more frit smashed into it before pulling and it seems to create a better effect. 

These are all made with the heavily fritted stringer - if those are even words.  These are my favorites of the day!
9. Base of 591422-T orange translucent, stringer, clear encased.
10. Base of pale green emerald, stringer, clear encased.
11. Base of teal lt, pale green emerald dots, stringer, encased with pale lavender. LOVE this bead!
12. Base of carnelian, stringer, encased with pale lavender.
13. Base of _59 rose quartz, stringer, encased with pale lavender.
14. Base of carnelian, stringer, encased in rose quartz
15. Base of orange translucent, stringer, encased in rose quartz.
16. Base of CIM Pulsar, stringer, encased in pale lt. blue.  AWESOME!
17. Base if ink blue, stringer, encased in clear all over a small white core.
18. Base of a green rod I had on my work surface - probably elphaba or nile - stringer, encased in pale emerald green.
That's it for this type of bead but I did experiment a little more with some things I have been wanting to try.

19. Base of 591256 pink dark premium, encased with _59 rose quartz.  I dotted it with white and then I had some transparent pink stringer laying on my work space but it must have had some frit mixed in with it and it came out all dirty and yucky.  I think I need to toss that stringer!
20. Base of translucent orange encased in rose quartz.  Just trying a new orange with this application to see how it turned out compared to previous orange base testing.  Nothing special here.  Had an error in my encasing. 
21. Same as 20 but with proper encasement. 
22. Base of 511272 phoenix, encased in rose quartz.  NICE color!  Very close to what I have been trying to get!
23. Base of carnelian, band of kalypso, clear encasement.  Eh, nothing too special but it does look better than this photo shows.
24. Base of ivory, band of kalypso, clear encasement.  I really like this bead!!!!
25. Base of pink dark premium, band of kalypso, clear encasement.  I like this bead too!  Again, photo does not show the nice colors and separation in the bead.

I'll be taking a break from bead making for a couple of weeks.  I will be back with more beads as soon as I can.  Thanks for stopping by to see my latest batch of beads!

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  1. Wow! These beads are from outer space. I think you need to name them for plants, stars, outer space. Very nice.