Friday, October 4, 2013

More Beads

Still catching up on sharing my latest beads.  These are all made with Double Helix silvered glass and I used many of the techniques I learned from Hayley Tsang.  I loved her class and I still enjoy making these beads.  I'm amazed that I can actually remember how to make these even though her class was quite a while ago.  I don't remember which combinations I used on each bead but these 5 beads have some combination of Terranova 2.1, Psyche, Luna 3, Gaia, Ekho, Elektra, PK 567, Helios, SK 548, Oxalis and Frit: Gaia, Psyche, Aurae,and Tabasco light.

I know I post a lot of photos but these beads are so shiny and each lighting condition shows a different aspect of each bead.  These first 6 photos are all of the same bead:
Bead 1 Can be made into a pendant.
Bead 1
Bead 1
Bead 1
Bead 1
Bead 1
The second bead can be made into a pendant or used on the Burgard 3 Post Changeable System:
Bead 2 shown on a Burgard Changeable Pendant.
Bead 2 - this background and lighting really shows the pink and gold tones.
Bead 2
The next bead can also be made into a pendant or used with the Burgard 3 Post Changeable System:
Bead 3 shown on the Burgard Changeable Pendant
Bead 3
The 4th bead is my favorite bead of this batch because I got some new and unusual effects. This is one I really which I remembered what I used - it's in my notes but I can't tell which formula goes with which bead because I forgot to take a photograph of the order they came out of the kiln.  Hope you like it too:
Bead 4 - Can be made into a Pendant.
 Here is the last bead of this series:
Bead 5 - Can be made into a pendant
Bead 5
Bead 5

As always, thanks for stopping in to see what I'm up to with glass.  I still have more to share soon!

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