Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Colored Beads - Tumble Etched.

I am finally posting on my blog!  I have so much to catch up on - don't I always say that?  I guess that's a good thing to say as it means I have been busy making lots of beads.  I had a fun summer with some traveling and one of my trips was to the ISGB Gathering for a full week of beads, glass, tools, supplies, jewelry components, lectures, classes and more beads and glass....  I was exhausted after a full week of that.  So after I rested up for a few days I couldn't wait to get back to the torch and experiment with all the new ideas, information and inspiration floating around in my head.

Here is a new style of bead that I am really loving.  I especially like how this technique looks with opaque fall colors.  It involves etching the bead after it's made with a tumbling process and then to enhance and protect the glass it gets a fine coating of oil/beeswax and this part just makes all the striations pop!

These beads are all thick walled hollows and here is a picture of how they looked before I tumbled them:
I think they are very pretty without the tumbling too!

After I made these hollows I moved on to make... focal beads of course as I seem to be enjoying and selling focals for pendants.
Fixed pendant.
Shown on a Burgard 3 post changeable system.
Can also be made into a fixed pendant.  
Shown on a Burgard 3 post changeable system.
Can also be made into a fixed pendant.
Side 2. Shown on a Burgard 3 post changeable system.
Can also be made into a fixed pendant.
Can be made into a pendant.
Can be made into a pendant.
Can be made into a pendant.
Can be made into a pendant.

These next photos are just for my own use so I can look back and see the glass used to create each color so just ignore them - unless you are a bead-maker and want to know what I used.

1&2: Marbled Blueberry, 3@4: Streaky Denim, 5: Ambrosia, 6: Painted Desert, 7: Fossil med, 8: Moon Rock, 9: Lime Sweet Odd Spec, 10: Bloody Mary Odd Spec, 11: Pastel Powder Pink, 12: Jupiter Odd Spec, 13: Sweet Strawberry Odd, 14: Jungle Twilight Odd Past, 15: Rosewood, 16: Lace Agate.
1: Ivory w/ Petroleum Green, 2: Petroleum Green, 3&4: Yellow Ocher, 5: Relish, 6: Wasabi Pale, 7: Spring Willow, 8: Jungle Twilight Odd, 9: Lichen Dark Odd Past, 10: Burnt Siena Dk, 11: Petrified Wood, 12: 591420-M Coral Martian Stra____, 13: Copper Green Red, 14: Swamp Moss Odd Past, 15: Turquoise Lt, 16: Avocado Marble Odd Past, 17: Burnt Sienna.

I'll close for now with a list of two upcoming events for my local friends, family and customers.
December 7, 2013 - Bowling Green Women's Club Craft & Art Show - Stone Ridge Country Club. 
December 15, 2013 - My annual Holiday Open House Noon - 7 P.M.

This post is just the beginning of all the photos I have ready to blog about.  I'll be back soon!  
Thanks for stopping by to read my bead blog!

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