Saturday, September 15, 2012

What A Great Summer I Had!

I found this as an un-posted blog in the draft section.  Not sure how that happened as I wrote this one last summer - over 6 months ago!!!!  So I'm going to post this one now since I loved my class with Hayley!!!!  If this is a duplicate then just ignore it.

Yep, I'm still here making beads!  It felt like I took the entire summer off but I did manage to make beads several times but I never found the time to photograph and edit the beads let alone blog about them.  So now it's catch up time!  I had a great summer by the way - my daughter was home for several weeks and I spent as much time with her as possible. It was just a nice old fashioned family and friends summer!!!

Most recently, I got to take an amazing 2 day class with Hayley Tsang so the first beads I will share are the beads I made at home using my newest skills and techniques from the class.  It was a silvered glass class - what else would Hayley teach right?  The first day of class she taught us how to make silvered glass murrini.  I now have a nice little stash of my own handmade murrini!!!! It was quite a process and I'm not sure I will be a big murrini maker and I appreciate even more the time and talent it takes to make them!

So on to the good stuff - the photos:

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