Friday, May 11, 2012

Bev's Bracelet & Silvered Frit Beads

Oh my, I am trying to catch up from beads and jewelry I made over two weeks ago.  Instead of one long post, like I usually do, I am going to break it up into at least two posts - maybe three.

This is Bev's bracelet.  Bev is one of my customers from the very beginning!!!!  She liked the Giraffe/Cobble Stone style of bead and bought a pendent bead a while back.  She showed me the outfit she was going to wear with it and I got the idea for this style of bracelet.  She originally wanted a viking weave bracelet but I could not find a color of wire to make the viking weave out of that I liked with these beads.  So I made up this bracelet to show her and just see what she thought about this style/concept.  She liked it and fortunately it happened to fit her wrist so she bought it!   I really enjoyed making this bracelet too.  I really do love working with wire.  I'd rather create with wire than string beads together and then worry about those pesky little crimp beads holding well - that always stresses me out!  Sorry I got off track here a bit.  Here is the bracelet.

The best bead from this next batch was sold before I took a photo.  Which is a good thing but it was a way cool bead and I wish I had a photo to share.  This one is similar in color but the shape is very different.  It's a base of Cobalt with some Triton and Aurae Frit.

Works great on my Change A Bead Necklace
This bead is similar in shape to the one that I sold but has a base of Aqua.

Shown on one of my Change A Bead Necklaces
This necklace was not my design.  My BFF from way back in kindergarten styled it to go with the dress she will be wearing at her daughters wedding.  I made a variety of beads for her to choose from for her center focal bead and this is what she designed.
These are some of the other beads I made for her to choose from that she didn't select.  Some of these beads work with the Bergard pendent system.
These are prettier in person - I promise.  They look kind of muddy here.
This is the one I thought she would pick because it matches the color of the bridesmaids earrings which I also made.
This one I just could not get a good photo of.
This seems like a good breaking point with my notes and photos but I have more to blog about so check back soon!  Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!

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  1. Beautiful beads, and the bracelet is just gorgeous!!!
    Greetings Daniela