Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Those Bright Pinks!

Pink beads are popular these days and the Clio formula is always fun to use. 

This bead has a base of Effetre Striking Orange and then the Clio formula.  I tried something new with this bead by cutting into the Clio, with the magic tool that I learned about in a paid tutorial, before reducing.  I used a couple different encasement applications with this bead but it does not have a complete final encasement so you get the darker striations coming through.  Some customers like this and some don't.  Personally I like it.  This bead has a bit more purple than I could capture in the photo.  It's not a bright glowing orange pink but softer and has a nice lavender sheen to it.  And of course it looks different in various lighting so basically it's a way cool bead, eh!?!?!?!

Shown on my Change A Bead Necklace

This bead has a base of Clockwork, layer of Super Clear, Clio and Super Clear.  This bead is a beautiful orange pink and glows like you can't believe.  BUT it has a huge thermal crack in it and that makes me so sad when it's such a large pretty bead.  I am thinking it's because I encased CIM with Effetre clear but just not sure.  I've used this combination before but never on a bead this large.  I'm hoping it was the cooling process I used in between layers to see if I could get the striking/reducing tricks to work better than usual - which they sure did.  I'll try again with CIM clear and see if that makes a difference and if not, then I'll go back to my old shorter cooling/heating process for the striking/reducing.
It was so pretty I had to put it on a Change A Bead Necklace anyways but this bead is going into the trash :-(
 This bead is made with the formula shared on a free tutorial site. I've used it before and I call it the "Okay Peeps" tutorial but I used Clio instead of the Kalypso as recommended in the tutorial.  I discovered this by accident a while back when I just grabbed the wrong rod of glass and found it created some very nice purples.  This bead did not come out as nice as when I made them a year ago - just goes to show you that I can never create the same bead again!!!  I still am happy with this result though. 
Shown on my Change A Bead Necklace
This next bead is an experiment and I sure hope I can keep making this bead.  It's made on a base of Vetrofond Seaweed which can only be purchased in small amounts so I'm using this glass for special applications.  I used the same Clio formula.  Isn't it pretty?  I am including two photos that look the same but I'm hoping you can see all the different colors by doing it this way. I love this bead!!!

You can see more of the light yellows and light greens in this photo
This photo shows more of the dark blues, dark greens and purples.
A quick test using the Seaweed over Clear and Seaweed encased in Clear.
Now back to the pinks again.  After I had the crack in that beautiful pink bead, I tried again the next day at the torch only this time I encased these with CIM Clear over the CIM bases hoping that would solve the crack issue.  No cracks on these so that is good!  But I'm still going to try it again with the effetre clear and test my heat/cool strinking/reducing cycles to see if I can still use the super clear because the brands of clear to make a slight difference in the shade of pink you get.
My favorite bead of this torch session.  Love the shade of pink and the swirled wisps are so pretty.
Shown on my Change A Bead Necklace
Since I had good luck with the Seaweed I tried it on a larger bead.  This is one hard bead to get a good photograph of.  It is pretty but you can't really tell by the photo so you'll have to trust me on this one.  If you like blue-green and shiny, wispy finishes you will like this bead.
Shown on the Bergard Pendent System
This next bead has a base of Light Aqua with a stripe of Light Emerald Green and I applied the Clio right on the base without a Clear layer between then finished up as usual with the Clio formula.

The Light Aqua bead is shown here with two other beads on a Change A Bead Necklace.  I like the three of them together.  The top bead on the chain has already been described above.  The center bead has the additional encasement layer before the Clio (not sure what base I used as my notes got a bit confusing - ooops, but I think it's Seaweed.)  The bottom bead has a base of Light Aqua and I used the regular Clio formula.  This one looks very celestial and wispy.

And at the end of my torch session I had some frit still on my workspace from another session so I tried it on a few different transparent bases.  Some came out great and some not so much but I find that people like things that I don't sometimes so I'm showing them all but not telling you which ones I like.  You can tell me which ones you like and don't like though!!!!
Aqua and Light Emerald base with Triton and Psyche Frit
Shown on one of my Change A Bead Necklaces
Light Amethyst with Triton and Psyche Frit
Light Emerald with Triton and Psyche Frit
Seaweed with Triton and Psyche Frit
Seaweed with Triton and Psyche Frit shown on Change A Bead Necklace
My last bead to share on this post is a bead style I'm making for my friend's Race for the Cure team!!! This is the second year I've made beads for her team and she decided she liked the fuchsia pink for year two.  Go Team Tag!!!  I already have 10 beads made in all different designs but all with the black, white and fuchsia colors.  Can't wait for Teresa to see them all!
Second year: Race for the Cure - Team Tag!!
I'm still not done catching up if you can believe it.  I have two more torch sessions to photograph before I can edit them and get them uploaded and blogged.  Hopefully I will have them done this weekend but since it's Mother's day on Sunday I may just relax and enjoy my day with my family.
Check back soon and as always, I can't thank you all enough for your support, encouragement, and purchases over the years!  Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!!!


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