Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Purple, Pink, & "Pandoralikeish" - & New Zebra Style Too!

Yep, I've got some catching up to do for sure!  I've been busy filling requests/orders for finished jewelry and beads like crazy and I'm just now getting to post a few of them.

I'll start with what I like the best - my new experiments have led me to a new swirly style that looks somewhat like my zebra beads but not exactly.  These are, most likely, for a friend/customer as I've been working on designing something she wants.  It's been interesting trying to match up 1. the image she has in her mind with 2. what I think she is talking about and 3. the way certain glass colors like and dislike playing together.  Here is what I consider my best success so far with the task:

The first five beads in this photo are the ones I'm talking about.  The last 3 are for the same project if we go the "non-swirly" route.  This was my first time to use Reichenbach Deep Black and it sure made a difference in the finished bead!  I like this black a lot!!!  I made a twistie ofthe Deep Black with a Medium Gray I had in my stash - it may be vetrofond but it's from my first glass purchase when I bought my torch so the label is long gone but I currently have it labeled as Med. Gray #2.  I also added a bit of ivory on each side of the twist before it was actually twisted - only my bead making friends will know what I'm talking about there I bet.  I put the twist over a base of Lt. Gray #1 and encased in effetre clear.  Some I swirled more than others but they all came out nice! The last 3 beads are a base of Lt. Gray #1 (again this label is no more either), clear encased and I used Deep Black and Lt. Gray #1 for surface decoration. 

Playing with purple seems to be a never ending thing when it comes to glass.  You can layer so many different combinations to create beautiful and varying shades. 

 I ended up liking EDP covered with Med. Transp. Blue 591054 covered with Dk. Transp. Lavender 591081which is what the first 4 beads above have been made with.  The rest are different shades of Ink Blue, Dk. and Med. Purples over bases of periwinkle, white and lavender.  I do like Violet Ink Blue odd prem. transparent over white too which is shown in the 5th bead above.  Other than that, most of the purples were too dark or too brown for my taste.

This set is a set of large hole beads I made on request for a customer.  They are black and white with accents of RO. 

These are large hole "Pandoralikeish" beads too.  In case you are wondering why I'm not just saying they are my Pandor_ style beads these days is because there have been a few law suites filed by that company against some beadmakers and I'd rather avoid that!!!

I've had a lot of request for these large hole beads that fit the European Style Bracelets and it's been quite a while, maybe even a year, since I've made them.  Photos are not the best but I didn't have time to photograph each one separately. 

These are a pair of earrings I made for a customer recently.  I love them!  I am going to have to make a pair like these for myself!

I know that's a lot of photos of the same pair of earrings but I was playing around with different backgrounds and I'm taking a poll.  If you care to let me know which photo you think shows the earrings the best please do!  I like them all for different reasons but if I had to eliminate one it would be the coral. 

That's it!  Hope you are all ready for Christmas!!!  I have a few more things to wrap and some cookie dough to make but I'm pretty relaxed and ready for the big day!

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and if I don't blog again before then, A very Happy New Year too!!!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!

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  1. For what it's worth, I am the customer Chris is talking about (the gray/ivory/black beads) and she has been so incredibly patient, flexible and...well, talented! I appreciate her going the extra mile to accommodate my very tall order. It's been an interesting process to work virtually with Chris. Anyways, we continue to try a variety of combinations...I think we're close though. I. Cannot. Wait. Thanks, Chris!

  2. You are welcome Cary and if we hadn't started this process I wouldn't have come across that new formula for those beads I love! I have more photos to send to you soon! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!!!