Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Laugh At My Sculputural Attempts - Okay You Can Laugh, I Did

I can't believe I'm actually posting these photos but what the heck - hopefully one day I'll look back and see how much better I am at sculptural beads right? 

The last challenge for the SE-9 exchange was sculptures.  This is not my favorite type of bead to make and therefore I don't practice it much so it was a good push.  My last post showed some hearts I entered in the challenge but this time I tried making fish, owls and a turtle.  I was going to try a dog face, a cat, and a few other things but didn't get them done.  I made these on New Years Eve day and this is the first time I've had a chance to edit the photos and blog about them.

Fish #1
Fish #1
Fish #1

Fish #2

Fish #2
Fish 1 has a base of Sangre, dark and light turquoise stripes and dots with some topped with 791946, sunshine special odd and then dots of DH Ekho.  The lips are made out of DH Aurae.

Also want to mention that I based these fish on a design I saw in the Jan. 2010 issue of Beads and Beyond titled,  Funky Lampwork Fish by Sue Webb.

The 2nd fish is basically the same but has a base of French Blue.
Fish #2


Thing  back side

 This lovely "Thing" was supposed to be an owl but the shape was off and I forgot a few key things like his NOSE!

The base is made with the new CIM Auburn with Ekho dots and while the photos really don't show the colors and reaction very well, you can still get an idea of how cool this combination is.  I will be making some beads with this combo in the near future!

You can see the oil slick look on the back side of the "thing."
Owl? back side



The next bead looks more like an owl but I have a long way to go. 

Same glass formula as used in the "thing." The back side again, shows the cool reactions better.

The turtle has a base of petroleum green and dots of Ekho.

I hope to get back to my torch tomorrow!  I have been away from it for way too long and am missing it terribly.  I have however, organized my entire studio and put all my new glass in it's proper place, cleaned my work space so I can actually see the tile now instead of the sea of glass bits and pieces that used to be laying all over it.  Santa was very very good to me this year so I have many things I can't wait to try.

Hopefully I will be back next week with some new beads to share.

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