Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Still A Bit Stormy

I just can't seem to stay away from testing out the new storming technique.   This batch of beads is the last of the beads I currently have made that have anything to do with the storming technique.

This first bead is on a base of black with dots of Dk. Ivory and Triton, Stormed Elektra and SC.  This is a large hole bead that I plan to cap and core.  The storming could be a little stronger which seems to be the norm with Elektra.
 This bead will look nice on my CAB necklaces - sort of shown here.
 Another view of the storm ports.

Okay here it comes..... Another wowzer pink bead!!!!!  I was happy happy happy when I opened the kiln and saw this shining though the back of the kiln!!!!
Black base, White dots, Vetrofond Orange T (my favorite for this color combo,) Clear, Clio, Stormed OR, SC.

This next bead is not as vibrant in everyday light as it shows here in the photo.  It's still orange in appearance but it is slightly lighter.
 Black base, Dk. Ivory, Reichenback Pink Lady, Stormed OR, SC.

This is my personal favorite bead of the day!
Black base, Dk Ivory, Nyx, Stormed OR, SC and raised reduced Elektra dots.

I really like the way this combination stormed - very pretty lighting blue!

This is a very pretty bead but it was a dud as far as storming goes.  No storming is seen with the naked eye however you can see some small areas of it when under the photo lights.
Black base, Dk. Ivory, Nyx, Stormed Elektra, SC.  I think the Nyx is just too dark to use with the Stormed Elektra.

My purple lovers will like this color combination.  Lavender is more of a true description of this pretty color.  The actual bead is a bit wonky with my clear dot application but it was too pretty not to show you a bead that is not up to snuff.
Black base, Dk. Ivory, Ink Blue, Stormed OR, SC.

This bead has a very interesting color combination but not much storming. Cerulean Turquoise Shimmer is the name my daughter gave this bead.
 Black base, Dk. Ivory, Ink Blue, Stormed Elektra, SC.

This next bead is also a bit weak on color.  I thought it would be a nice combo but my expectation of the Dark Lavender was a bit high.
 This photo shows a bit more of the swirling effect,
 Black base, Dk. Ivory, Dk. Lavender, Stormed OR, SC.

My practice for the day.  I am still trying to make a few hollow beads each time I work at the torch so I get more consistent with my results and I also experiment with new color combinations and glass applications.
CIM Pulsar and Effetre Grass Green.

This hollow bead is sold now - it was made into a pendant for a girlfriends weekend gift exchange.  I think I need to organize a girls weekend soon!
 This is Effetre Aqua with Aurae decoration - reduced at the end of course.

Last bead of the day.  Even though this bead did not do what I thought it would do, I do like it.  It has a lizard look and feel to it.  The storming is noticeable but not as strong as I would like.  I plan to cap and core this bead too!
 You can see the storming a bit better in this photo.  Black base, Dk. Ivory, Triton, Stormed Oxalis on center row, Stormed Notos on outside rows then they all have a bit of Stormed OR, SC.

I don't think I am finished playing with storming yet but I am pretty sure my next post will not have any storming in it.    You will have to check back soon and see I guess.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!!!

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  1. Thank you for posting your work. These beads (as with all of your work) are absolutely gorgeous. My particular favorite is the "lightening blue" color featured in a few of the beads- stunning! I feel that the "storminess" of the beads has a spiritual dimension to it- a joy to experience!